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Help us raise money to equip our second store!

For almost two years we have been running the first cooperative-owned, open to the public grocery store in Poland. Six days a week we sell seasonal organic food bought directly from the farmers. Our current grocery at Wilcza 29a is the source of foodstuffs for over 300 households. Every day our work is praised and appreciated by Warsaw inhabitants.

Our store is slowly becoming too small for our growing needs. Its limited space physically impedes our growth as well as the possibility of incorporating new members. Under current circumstances we cannot increase the volume of our orders or start cooperating with new farms. Our impact depends entirely on the scale of our actions. We want to further our experience, knowledge and commitment in order to serve those living in our capital as well as farmers we work with. Having this in mind we have decided to open a second grocery and build our community in a new location.
What Are We Raising Money For?

We need 40 000 PLN (ca. 10 000 EUR to start our second store – we need it for renovation works, stock replenishment and equipment)

You can support us by:
★ donating money directly to our account
PL22 9011 0005 3030 0010 2000 0021
★ using Polish crowdfunding platform PolakPotrafi


10334370_1577991389089941_5030279159559460392_nCooperative “Dobrze” is run by people who, by working together want to create a strong community able to fulfill their objectives. Members of the cooperative benefit not only from low prices of organic foodstuffs but also from the possibility of influencing their surroundings and striking up new friendships.
Food Cooperative “Dobrze” (“well” or “good” in Polish) was set up in July 2013. In the early stages its members organized weekly shopping tours during which they bought organic products from farmers and gardeners based in the Mazovia province. We got our feet wet, still as an informal group, in one of the Finnish houses as part of the “Otwarty Jazdów” initiative. Afterwards we benefited from the hospitality of several other downtown institutions while constantly increasing the range of our activities and the number of our members. We were also preparing ourselves to open the first after 1989 grass-root grocery in Poland.
We decided to register the cooperative as an association. In early April 2014 we were included in the National Court Register which gave us a green light to start thinking about renting commercial space. Since July 2014 our association has been renting municipal commercial space at Wilcza 29a on preferential terms and since August 2014 we have been carrying out our statutory activities mostly by increasing access to organic food and promoting cooperation between country side and city.

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